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SHOUT Article Submission Guidelines

SHOUT Submission Guidelines

  1. Please send Roosevelt-specific articles to General articles that should appear in multiple Westfield school newsletters should be sent to Lorre Korecky, Westfield School/Community Relations, at She will forward them to all the district newsletters.
  2. SHOUT newsletters are published weekly on Fridays. In the cases where the week is a "short" school week, the publication date may be adjusted. If school is closed both Thursday and Friday, SHOUT will not be published that week (i.e. Thanksgiving week).
  3. The submission deadline for articles to be included in SHOUT for the week is Tuesday at 3 p.m.
  4. In order to resolve any possible questions about a submission, SHOUT submission e-mails must include the submitter's contact information (phone and/or e-mail). This information will only be published if it is specifically included as part of the submission.
  5. All articles submitted must be approved by the SHOUT editorial staff, PTSO co-presidents and Roosevelt administration. The SHOUT editors reserve the right to edit all submissions as they deem necessary.
  6. SHOUT has four sections. These are:
    Roosevelt Roundup – Roosevelt School information and urgent school district news.
    District News – News from the school district administration and from other Westfield schools.
    Community Canvas – Information about events sponsored by non-profit organizations in the community. 
    Sports, Fun, Etc. – Information about sporting, social and other "fun" activities. Articles in this section generally apply to the RIS student population. 
    Community Canvas and Sports, Fun, Etc. are offered as a courtesy to the community. Articles in these sections are those not directly related to Roosevelt School, its students, faculty and/or parents. Articles submitted for this section must be copy ready, no more than 75 words and a single paragraph. Articles that don’t meet these guidelines will not be published.
  7. Unless specified otherwise, articles will run for a single issue of SHOUT. If an article should run for multiple weeks, the specific weeks for publication must be indicated with the article submission. Articles in Roosevelt Roundup and District News may run for a maximum of three consecutive weeks. Articles in Community Canvas; Sports, Fun, Etc. and Handy Hints may run for a maximum of two consecutive weeks.
  8. SHOUT will link to attachments/flyers/registration forms/etc.
    • With the article submission, send a pdf of the flyer or a URL website where information can be found. The link will be included in SHOUT with the art