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Important Required Documents

Which forms do I need to complete???

If your child requires any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) during school hours, this Medical Authorization needs to be completed, signed by you and your MD, and returned to the health office with the medication. A new medication auth. form needs to be filled out at the start of each new school year. 

*See Medication Authorization Form 


Athletic Registration Forms (these are only required if your child is participating in an interscholastic sports 

 * See Athletic Physical Form's (3)


Student's new to Westfield and enrolling in our District :

 * New Medical Record Form-to be completed by Physician (initially required when entering district and at each stage of growth & development)

   * Health History Form needs to be completed by Parent/Guardian for admission to the Westfield School District


Forms for Students with Allergies requiring an Epi-Pen:

* See *FAAP, *Epi-pen Parent Consent and *Emergency Health Care Plan for Designee