Impactful Assembly

Speaking about “the disease of addiction,” Stephen Hill recently shared the real life story of his decade-long struggle with substance abuse and his journey to recovery. 

Founder of Speak Sobriety, Hill travels nationwide to talk to students and other audiences about substance abuse prevention and mental health awareness. In 8th grade assemblies at Edison and Roosevelt Intermediate Schools on April 20, Hill urged the students to make smart choices and effect positive change.  

“Your actions affect others,” he told the students.  “While you may not develop a problem, your actions may have an effect on someone who does.”

That evening, Hill held a parent presentation at Edison at which he and his father shared lessons they learned as a family from Hill’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction which began when he was a freshman and popular student-athlete in high school. The nationally-known speaker – who is an author and attorney as well – held smaller breakout sessions with 8th graders the next day to answer questions and further reflect on the importance of his message.

“Drugs turned me into someone I’m not,” said Hill who has remained sober for just over 9 years. “If I can help one person avoid the mistakes I made, it’s worth it.”

Hill’s presentations were co-sponsored by the Westfield Municipal Alliance, Albert Anthony Kayal Foundation, and the Matthew Thomas Toriello Memorial Fund.

Source: Westfield Public Schools