Region II Honors

Twenty-seven Westfield High School student vocalists were accepted into the 2022 Central Jersey Region II Chorus, the largest number of acceptances in recent memory.  There were five top scorers across multiple sections, including two who finished 1st in their sections.

“A student’s audition consisted of singing three scales, a solo and their part to a Renaissance polyphonic quintet called the “Silver Swan,” says WHS choral director John Brzozowski. 

The student vocalists  will join others from Central Jersey in a Region Chorus concert at Monroe Township High School on January 30.  

Three members of the Westfield High School Orchestra were selected to perform with the Central Jersey Region II Orchestra.  Selected from more than 600 students who faced rigorous auditions are:  Kevin Chen (Grade 11, Viola), Yenjay Hu (Grade 10, Violin) and Owen Wei (Grade 9, Violin).  The Region II performance will take place in January at Monroe Township High School. 

Additionally, senior Patrick Gallagher (Tuba), who placed 2nd overall in the region, will perform with the Region II Wind Ensemble while 10th grader Nolan Daly (trumpet) will perform with the Region II Symphonic Band at Rutgers University in mid-January.


Source: Westfield Public Schools