RIS Student Council's Spring Plant Fundraiser

The Roosevelt Student Council tried something innovative this year with fundraising with the Student Council’s Spring Plant Fundraiser. In an effort to help local businesses, raise money for the Student Council, and deliver a beautiful product, student council members came up with the idea of partnering with a local business to sell flowering plants. "Together, with McEwen Flowers on South Avenue in Westfield, students collected order forms in April and held an organized, outdoor, COVID-safe pick-up on May 6," said advisors Marissa Conneely and Kim Dickey.  "The students raised $390 while also supporting a local business." 


Photo from left to right: Roosevelt Student Council members Phillip Minardo, Jessica Stevenson, Emma Darrow, Juliette Lerner, Tarika Nirula, and Alexis Nurnberg

Source: Westfield Public Schools