Supporting Health Care Professionals

The Roosevelt Intermediate School Student Council donated $500 worth of food to the staff at Overlook Hospital on April 23, as a small token of appreciation for the hard work of local healthcare workers.

Roosevelt teachers and student council co-advisors Marissa Conneely and Erin Sheppard have been meeting virtually with the students on the Executive Board, which represents all three grades at Roosevelt.

“The Student Council raises funds every year for the community through bake sales and other initiatives,” says Conneely.  “Our executive board voted on how to allocate some funds to help the community in this time of need.  Finding a way to give back to Overlook Hospital was at the top of the students’ priority list.”

With the delivery of the food from a local family-run business came a letter from the students:

Dear Overlook Medical Staff,

We are incredibly thankful for all that you do. . Please accept this food as a small token of our eternal appreciation for your dedication and commitment to your work and to the health of our society.


Roosevelt Student Council, Grades 6-8

The Overlook Hospital staff took the time to write back:

Dear Roosevelt,

With your donation, we fed the entire Radiology Department.

These are the people who have taken every X-ray, CT, ultrasound  and MRI on the hundreds of Covid patients that have come through our doors.  They have done every procedure needed in our interventional department. They have worked tirelessly and many have come down with Covid themselves and have already come back to work.  Some of us are still out sick and some of us will be soon. 

I cannot explain how thankful the staff was and how impressed that it came from a school that wasn’t even in session in person.  It has been all the kind gestures that have humbled the staff and kept us fighting every day.

Thank you from all of us at Overlook Radiology Department

“Our school community has a longstanding tradition of giving back to the broader community,” says Superintendent Dr. Margaret Dolan.  “I continue to be impressed but not surprised by the many ways in which all of our students, staff, and families are reaching out to support others through this public health crisis.”


Source: Westfield Public Schools